Sordo Madaleno completes Solaz Resort on the Baja Peninsula with stacked blocks and cascading terraces

Sordo Madaleno Arquitectos has created a series of buildings and terraces to form the Solaz resort in Los Cabos, Mexico.
The project is situated on 9.8 hectares of rugged waterfront terrain on the Baja Peninsula between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo.
The creators of the project used “organic forms that refer to the movement of the waves” in order to integrate the resort’s buildings into its surrounding environment.
Three large curved terraces that cascade down the rocky slope from east to west, are created due to the site’s steep topography.
A beach club and multiple infinity pools are located at the bottom of the hill.
The main building of the resort resembles three staggered two-storey blocks stacked on top of each other.
The project houses 115 deluxe rooms, 13 suites, and a presidential apartment. Each room has a private entrance, custom contemporary furnishings, and original Baja-centric art. The complex features also a 900-square-metre spa, three restaurants, several open plazas and an indigenous artifacts gallery.
Rooftop gardens, landscaped by Gabayet 101 Paisaje, include local desert plants and accents like granite, marble, quarry stone, and Huanacaxtile wood.
Mexican artist Cesar Lopez Negrete produced over 400 original sculptures, photography, and hand-crafted furnishings special for the project.


Photography by Rafael Gamo