Daniel Libeskind creates the design for Maggie‘s cancer care centre in Hampstead

Studio Libeskind designs Maggie‘s cancer care centre, which will be located by the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead, London.
The Facade of the building is formed by prefabricated angled timber louvres, providing sunshading and creating the centre’s curving shape.
From the inside, the louvres will frame views through 97 windows in total. Twenty-six rooms will be filled with natural light.
Studio Libeskind explained that timber had been chosen as a renewable material to emphasise the building’s human character.
They also said “It will be designed to contrast with its more clinical hospital surroundings, drawing in newcomers with an approachable and undulating timber form,”
The form of the building requires the ground floor of the centre to be smaller, and the upper stages to be bigger.
On the roof will be created a rooftop garden and gardens with seating will be placed at both entries, along with walkways connecting the centre to the hospital.
Maggie’s Centres are charity-run spaces around the United Kingdom and Hong Kong that provide expert support for those affected by cancer, whether they are suffering from the disease or are affected by the illness of a loved one or family member.