Foster + Partners designs new residential tower in the Philippines

Foster + Partners have created their first project in the Philippines, the Estate Makati. Located in the heart of Manila’s Makati Central Business District, along the famous Ayala Avenue, the 54-story residential tower is designed so that it could embody a unique approach to residential living, creating expansive, flexible homes in the sky that combine landscaping with panoramic views of the city. The new project combines the energy of Ayala Avenue with and the quiet calm of Urdaneta Village to create a new residential experience.
“Capitalizing on its unique location, we have designed a cantilevered, column-free structure to provide flexible loft-like spaces that respond to different needs of the residents. Set against the backdrop of panoramic views of the city, the entire experience has been designed as a journey – from the moment the residents enter the site through to the flow of spaces in every apartment. We are delighted to be working with the SMDC and Federal Land on this innovative project and look forward to delivering a new approach to residential living in the Philippines.”, said the authors.
The ground floor lobby is designed as a “living room”, with a view of water bodies for residents and guests to enjoy. Four banks of private lifts take people directly into the heart of their apartments, each occupying a single quadrant of the plan. The rooms inside are arranged radially so every apartment is a corner unit with 180-degree views of the city.
The building incorporates the concept of an ‘inhabited façade’, where the building’s skin is treated as a three-dimensional space, which allows the residents to literally move into the outer skin of the building. Bath tubs, desk spaces or day beds have been integrated with the specially designed bay windows that allow privacy yet permit natural light and framed views. The façade features deep horizontal fins that provide shade and allow for natural ventilation, making an essential contribution towards achieving a LEED Gold rating, alongside electric charging stations for 50 percent of the parking bays.
Each “lot in the sky”, whether it’s the two-bedroom, three-bedroom or super penthouse, is column-free and makes use of double slab technology, which will allow residents to customize the layout of their homes according to their personal preference. The floor-to-ceiling height is of up to 4.6 meters and the structural integrity of the building comes by way of cantilevered beams. “So you wouldn’t have columns that would in the future interfere with or interrupt your flexible layout, allowing the resident to design and furnish it any way you want. The only limitation is your imagination.”, explained the creators.