Zaha Hadid Architects creates the refurbishment project for Southbank Tower Lobby

Zaha Hadid Architects has made the interior renovation project for Southbank Towers’s Lobby. Designed by Richard Seifert in 1972, the office building was transformed in 2015 from a 30-story office building into a 41-story mixed-use tower with two and three-bedroom apartments.
After the new refurbishment, the lobby will have a new mezzanine and lift, concierge desk and novel lighting scheme. With materials like marble,  concrete, walnut and leather, the new space will use the same color palette as the existing building

The design of the project is inspired by the organic flow of flower petals and hides the lobby’s lighting scheme through a composition of overlapping elements. Fluid curves generate the concierge’s desk on the ground floor, “before peeling back at the top to reveal a new mezzanine level which serves as an additional lounge for residents and guests”.

The crafted architectural petals, made from glass fiber reinforced gypsum, and the marble furniture pieces are created to precision using 3D digital fabrication.

Construction is expected to begin in early 2020 and finish by the end of the summer.