Kengo Kuma Associates and K2LD Architects selected to design New Singapore Founders Memorial

Kengo Kuma Associates in collaboration with K2LD Architects have won the competition to design the new Singapore Founders Memorial, dedicated to the country’s founders and the values that have helped shape the nation. The competition was held in two stages. First, the jury has selected from 193 submissions a total of five projects and then the jury together with the audience chose the proposal of Kengo Kuma Associates and K2LD Architects. The winning design stood out as a site-specific design that best encapsulates the aspirations of the design brief.
The jury says, “its organic form creates a welcome counterpoint to the domes of Gardens by the Bay. It represents a bold and imaginative new type of memorial which rises out of the landscape.”
“Our design concept for the Founders’ Memorial originates from the idea of a path – a journey tracing the legacy of Singapore’s founding leaders. It simultaneously honours the past, and inspires the present and future. The design aims to be a ‘living memorial’, to be owned by each new generation of Singaporeans. There will be ample spaces for the celebration of milestone events, all set against the changing skyline of Singapore.”, explains Kengo Kuma.
Mr Lee Tzu Yang, Chairman of the Founders’ Memorial Committee, said: “The winning design is sensitive and functional, and embodies the spirit and values of Singapore’s founding team of leaders. It is a unique design, incorporating landscape and architecture, that brings visitors on a journey of discovery. The jury also noted that the winning design proposal is strong in meeting the required technical and functional criteria – for example, good accessibility and integration with Bay East Garden, connectivity to various transportation nodes, thoughtful layout of spaces and visitor flow, relatively easy to construct and to maintain, and adaptable to future programming and activities.”
The construction of the memorial is expected to start in 2022 and to be completed by 2027.