Foster+Partners designs One Beverly Hills Development

Foster+Partners has created the design for One Beverly Hills Development. The project proposes two residential buildings, a new ultra – luxury hotel, a casual dining and retail pavilion, and expansive publicly accessible garden. The development aims to become a striking and dynamic mixes-use project, which encompasses also the Iconic Beverly Hilton and Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills.
The master plan highlights the authentic Southern Californian landscape, with buildings that complement the surroundings through the curving and receding forms, soft edges, and slender white balconies. Nine distinct botanical gardens, water features, and winding paths will provide cohesiveness to the site. The individual gardens will reflect the diverse landscape of Southern California.

In its beginnings, Beverly Hills was agricultural flat land – a green oasis that fed a growing urbanity. A century later, we have seized on this inspiration to create an organic architecture that merges with landscape, a large part of which is publicly accessible, creating a shared resource for the City. The richness of Californian culture owes much to its diversity of influences, which comes together with the urgent need for sustainability – particularly conservation and recycling of water for the greenery. We welcome the opportunity to create a holistic master plan based on a green approach across the entire site, said Norman Foster.

Located on a 17.5-acre site, One Beverly Hills “bridges commercial, social, and residential life to create an environment that gives back to its community”. Beny Alagem, CEO of Alagem Capital Group explains that the project will provide $1.2 billion in new revenue for local government and schools over the next 30 years and will create 1,500 construction jobs and 900 full-time jobs. Aiming for LEED Platinum and WELL certifications, the development features “smart luxury” technologies.