With deep sadness we announce the departure of our Honorary President Acad. Georgi Stoilov. With him disappears the main founder of our Academy and a great figure of the international culture of Architecture.
Georgi Stoilov was born on April 3, 1929. He graduated in architecture from the Moscow Institute of Architecture in 1954 and specialized in urbanism in Paris in 1965. Having devoted years to the Union of Architects in Bulgaria, Georgi Stoilov dedicated his life to the development of Bulgarian and world architecture. He was the President of the International Union of Architects (UIA) in the period 1985-1987 which was in recognition of his consistent activity in the international organization of architects and acknowledgment of the appreciable contribution of Bulgaria to development of the world culture and architecture.
He was the main founder of the International Academy of Architecture and a Honorary President since 2018, having established the World Biennial and later Triennial of architecture INTERARCH which brought many most prominent world architects, stars of the world architecture of the second half of the 20th century, demonstrated the projects of the modern masters and creative search of the architects of different generations, schools and nationalitites.
Georgi Stoilov was architect designer with extensive practice, comprising one of the best realizations of contemporary Bulgarian architecture. He was awarded numerous distinctions as the Great Medal of the French Academy of Architecture, the Schinkel Gold Medal, “Stara Planina”medal. He was academician of the International Academy of Architecture, French Academy of Architecture, Russian Academy of Architecture, Honorary fellow of the American Institute of Architects, Doctor of Moscow Institute of Architecture (MARCHI) and member of most prestigious professional organizations in architecture worldwide.
Like any artist, Georgi Stoilov was a rich, complex and multifaceted personality. An erudite specialist who passionately moves from architectural and plastic problems to those of aesthetics and sociology. He always worked actively for the benefit of the world architectural community and was guided by the brightest principles of the International Union of Architects – professionalism, collegiality, tolerance for different cultures, religions and political views.
Arch. Georgi Stoilov has always lived with the drive of tomorrow, with the pathos of new ideas and undertakings, many times ahead of their time. What he achieved today is already history for him. A creator with incredible energy, a constant generator of new ideas, an inspirer of initiatives, an organizer of significant architecture forums, turning them into a celebration for all of us – this is GEORGI STOILOV for Bulgarian and world architecture.