Cui Kai

19 Chegongzhuang Street,
Xicheng District, Beijing 100044
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Personal Information Mr. Cui Kai was born in Beijing in 1957, and graduated from Department of Architecture, Tianjin University in 1984 with a master degree.
Now he is Honorary President, Chief Architect of China Architecture Design & Research Group, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, National Design Master, and Founder of Land-based Rationalism D.R.C.
Personal Accomplishments He is also a bearer of numerous prizes, such as National Best Science and Technology Worker (1997), Expert who enjoys special subsidy from the State Council (1998), Excellent Mid-young aged Expert of the Ministry of Personnel (1999), Candidate of “National Hundred, Thousand & Ten Thousand Reserves Project” (1999), French Culture & Art Cavalier Medal(2003), Liang Sicheng Award (2007), and Academician of International Architecture Academy of Bulgaria (2015)


Academic Career As a promoter of architectural academic research, Cui Kai also acts as the Vice President of Architectural Society of China, Professor of Tianjin University, Practical Professor of Tsinghua University, Professor of University of Chinese Academy of Sciences and editorial board member of several architectural magazines.


Project’s Awards


Together with 1 Gold Medal, 9 Silver Medals and 5 Bronze medals of National Best Engineering Design; Gold Award and Mention Award of ARCASIA,3 Golden Prizes and 6 Silver Prizes of China Architectural Design Award, WA City Regeneration Award and so on.


Yushu Khamba Arts Center 2014

Khamba Arts Center located at Jjiegu Town, the most afflicted city of Yushu Earthquake. The complex includes theaters, theatrical troupe offices, a cultural hall and a library. To show respect to the traditional city texture, the layout is loose fit to the axes to the neighboring streets and square, especially the Ta’er Lamasery. Architects limit […]

The school of Kunqu Opera in West Creek Village 2016

West Creek Village is located between urban and rural areas of Kunshan city, as well as between the Yangcheng Lake and the Doll Lake, where the Kunqu Opera and Yu Mountain Culture start 600 years ago. However, with the rapid development of urbanization, the rural areas begin to disappear and a new culture park without […]

Lanzhou Planning Exhibition Hall 2017

The Lanzhou Planning Exhibition Hall is located in the cross of East Bei Bin He Road and People Road. Develop along the mother river of Chinese – Yellow River,Lanzhou is a key city of western China. The building site is on the north bank of Yellow River and developed along east-west direction. The building is […]

Kunshan Grand Theater 2017

The new Kunshan Grand Theater is situated in the civic square in central Kunshan, a site bordering Qianjin Middle Road on the north and Zhujiang North Road on the east. As a reconstruction project of the former Kunshan Theater, it has become an integral part of a cultural complex, together with a library on the […]

CITIC Jinling Hotel

CITIC Jinling Hotel    2012 Nestled against the mountains, the hotel is designed to enjoy the beauty of the northwest reservoir and the surrounding hills. The site strategy for the destination resort establishes an intimate connection to the mountain by the stepping backwards terraces. The public spaces are defined by several huge rock-like volumes, which also […]