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During his over 30 years of successful practice, Erick van Egeraat (Amsterdam, 1956) has built a highly diverse portfolio containing ambitious and high-profile projects in The Netherlands, Europe and the Russian Federation. He has led the realisation of over 100 projects in more than 10 countries ranging from buildings for public and commercial use to luxury and social housing projects, projects for mixed use and master plans for cities and even entire regions. Each of these projects represents his very personal and expressive vision on architecture and urban development. Both Erick van Egeraat and his work have been the recipients of numerous international awards and citations such as the RIBA Award 2007 for the Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art and the ‘Best Animated Architecture’ award at the 2014 Media Architecture Biennale for the Waste to Energy Plant in Roskilde, Denmark.

Erick van Egeraat graduated from Delft University of Technology, Department of Architecture, with honourable mention in 1984 and was the co-founder of Mecanoo – the renowned avant-garde architects. In 1995 he established (EEA) Erick van Egeraat associated architects with offices in Rotterdam, Moscow, Budapest, London and Prague. In order to better meet the demands of a portfolio as diverse as his, Erick van Egeraat successfully restructured his company in 2009 into what is now Erick van Egeraat.

Design Philosophy

The architectural philosophy of Erick van Egeraat strikes a visionary balance between analysis, context and beauty. He envisages an architectural future in which the currently prevailing reductive avant-garde philosophy is superseded by a new paradigm of complexity and richness. According to Erick van Egeraat, any project should be connected to and even blend into the network and identity of its location. Therefore, great attention to the cultural and historic makeup of the site is required for a project to become a natural part of its surroundings. This emphasis on context stems from Erick van Egeraats aim to maintain, accentuate and complement the uniqueness of each individual location. Without surrendering to nostalgia or revival, he finds familiarity in the location itself, not in his own portfolio or by way of a methodical or even generic approach.

“My work relates to cultural and historic contexts as a source of meaning. I aim to create a sensual and intuitive architecture that corresponds to a natural language while evoking new, emerging sensations.”

While Erick van Egeraat formulates unique architectural solutions for each individual project, his basic principles remain flexibility, sensibility and sustainability at social, economic and environmental levels.

Expertise & Services

Erick van Egeraat works on projects ranging from entirely new buildings and masterplans to interventions within historic structures. The common denominator in this diverse portfolio is our expertise which lies in striking visionary balances between the intended identity, level of ambition and overall quality of the projects. Known for formulating unique architectural solutions, Erick van Egeraat creates iconic identities which optimize property values while acknowledging the social, emotional and intellectual impacts on both their environment and users.

We provide both public and private clients with architectural and masterplanning services; as well as interior and product design. Erick van Egeraat is strongly committed to meeting the aspirations of our clients and delivering the promise. In order to achieve this, our services are executed according to the highest RIBA and Western European standards. With offices in 4 and projects in more than 10 countries, we work in compliance with local legislation and codes. We make sure that the practical side of each project, including assisting in getting planning permissions and passing expertise, comes together with our creative vigor, to yield remarkable and lasting results.

Services offered by Erick van Egeraat include:

• Architectural, interior and product design

• Masterplanning, including guidelines, planning, delivery and implementation

• Engineering

• Technical specification

• Support for planning permit applications

• Construction and site management


Incineration Line

COPENHAGEN – The Danish town of Roskilde, about 30-km west of Copenhagen, has recently opened a new, unlikely landmark – an incineration energy plant. Designed by Erick van Egeraat, the plant’s striking façade comes to life at night. Having won an international competition in 2008, the studio set to design an iconic presence in the […]