Lino Bianco

Lino Bianco and Associates

99, Ċensu Buġeja Street,
Ħamrun HMR1059, Malta

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Design Studio
172, Ċensu Buġeja Street,
Ħamrun HMR1059, Malta


Company Profile

Lino Bianco & Associates was set up by Architect Lino Bianco in 1997, with the overall objective of rendering consultancy services in architecture and environmental planning to private and public agencies. Continuous research and commitment both to quality of professional service and to the client, underlie our approach to solving issues. This attitude ensures not only a healthy, less subjective advice, but also a high degree of efficiency in the way tasks assigned by clients are undertaken. Reliability and security of professional advice to our clients is imperative to the philosophy of the practice, and thus we take pride in offering premium quality service to our clients.

The main consultancy services offered are architecture, including structural design and valuations, urban design and environmental management and planning, including feasibility studies and environmental impact assessments. In dealing with a given case, feedback from various consultants is obtained and developed to tackle arising issues. This ensures that advice to clients is a resultant of a coordinated effort from inputs of various professionals, depending on the issues at hand.


We perceive architecture as an expression of life and as a natural extension to our environment, in which technology, construction material, settings, purpose, detail and methods of construction are unified. We merge shape, colour, space, light and time with contextual sensitivity and design, while exploiting the uniqueness of the site’s characteristics. Thus, our starting point with each project lies in exploring new ways to concatenate functionality, style and aesthetics. We integrate our work in connection with culture and the place’s historical and geological importance, while accentuating sustainable building and site development as key to creative and quality design.

Office Environment

An architect’s capacity is fundamental to the design and the efficiency of the environment we live in. At our offices, individual creativity is developed in a humanistically and environmentally accountable structure.

Driven by our pursuit for quality, we believe that workplace environments and surroundings impinge on the quality of work. Keeping in mind not only the functionality of buildings, but also aesthetic design, we embrace our work in its physical, cultural, historical and climatic context.


We encourage the recognition and mapping of green areas, landscapes of national heritage and public open space, as we are especially concerned with the sustainable exploitation of public and open space in the local environment. Therefore we consider the practicability of investigating green infrastructure design by assigning priority to environmental matters. This is done through our landscape and urban planning and design consultancy.

Our projects addressing spatial and landscape development question the operationalisation of sustainable development in context of the public policies and the extent to which sustainability can be enhanced by collaborative planning and design schemes. When it comes to the environmental design of habitats we keep in mind the discipline of land use planning, exploring several aspects including aesthetics and function.