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BA from Department of Architecture, College of Science and Technology, Nihon University
MA from Tokyo University of the Arts, Faculty of Architecture
Hara Laboratory at Institute of Industrial Science,the University of Tokyo as a research Student
Founded Riken Yamamoto & Field Shop Co., Ltd.
Kogakuin University Department of Architecture Professor (-2007)
Yokohama Graduate School of Architecture, Yokohama National University(Y-GSA) Professor (-2011)
Graduate School of Architecture, Yokohama National University Visiting Professor
Graduate school of Engineering , Nihon University Special-appointment Professor
Nagoya Zokei University of Art & Design President(2018-).

Pangyo Housing

Korea National Corporation held an international competition by invitation for designing a creative and environmental-friendly low-rise multi family housing project in the new town of Pan-Gyo in February 2006. Pekka Helin (Finland), Mark Mack (U.S.A) and us were selected as the final architects. We proposed two ideas, siting the whole architecture in clusters, and making […]

Future University Hakodate Research Building

This is an extension of the Future University Hakodate. While all kinds of activity take place in the open flexible atrium in the existing main college, this research building is a collection of small, specialized spaces for research activities. Within the university’s departments for media architecture and department for complex systems, research groups (clusters) are […]

Yokosuka Museum of Art

Through a Quality Based Selection in 2002, which was the first trial run by the city of Yokosuka as a Japanese municipality, we were chosen to plan a museum. The design started from scratch, and was developed through discussions with many people, including museum curators, for over 2 years. Facing the sea to the north […]

Seoul Gangnam Housing

This is a housing project for low-income people in the Gangnam district in the south part of Seoul, Korea. As the population of urban areas in Korea rose rapidly in the 1970s, housing designed for standard families were provided as in Japan. However, a declining birthrate and the aging of the population have led to […]

Yokohama City University

This project is one of the various buildings composing the Yokohama City University campus. The building is located near the main gate and is to become the new face of the entire campus. Rather than trying to achieve a symbolic value in the design and architectural form, we proposed that the activity of students and […]