Vazha Gelashvili

144, Tsinamdzgvrishvili str.

Mixed-use Dwelling House in Tbilisi, Georgia, 2016

Location: Tbilisi, Georgia Year: 2016 Area: 24 000 m2 Program: 120 dwelling apartments, shops, sports hall, banquet hall, laundry and garage for 150 cars. Design: Vazha Gelashvili The construction area is a narrow and long rectangle (210 X 35 m), with a 6 m distance between the bottom and the top marks. At the same […]

Business centre, Tbilisi, Georgia, 2005

Location: Tbilisi, Georgia Year: 2005 Area: 72 000 m2 Program: Business bureaus, also a restaurant, sports hall, commercial shops, boutiques and a garage for 50 cars. Design: Vazha Gelashvili The building is located in the center of the city on the hill, on the riverbank, and can be seen from the various points of the […]

Mixed-Use Building, Poti, Georgia, 2006

Location: Poti, Georgia Year: 2006 Area: 6 700 m2 Program: Business canter and hotel, also a restaurant, bar, conference hall,rooms for negotiation, commercial shops and a garage for 100 cars Design: Vazha Gelashvili The building is located in the port city. Functionally the building is the unification of business-office and hotel destination units, joined by […]

Dwelling House in Tbilisi ,,cubes,, Georgia, 2016

Location: Tbilisi, Georgia Year: 2016 Area: 15 000 m2 Program: 25-storey dwelling house for 50 apartments with the garage Design: Vazha Gelashvili The dwelling house is a structure, containing several dwelling units. The groups of apartments represent cubes with internal structural integrity. These groups are combined by the space where are located the evacuation communications […]

Dwelling House with 9 apartments, Tbilisi, Georgia, 2005

ocation: Tbilisi, Georgia Year: 2005 Area: 6 500 m2 Program: 9 apartments, stores and parking. Design: Vazha Gelashvili The object is located on the complex landscape in the surrounding of terraced old 2-3-storey buildings. It overlooks the city and is perceivable from long distances. The form and color of the building is distinguished on the […]

Professor of IAA since 2014

Born in Tbillisi, Georgia  in 1946. Vazha Gelashvili studied at the  Georgian Politechnic Institute, the faculty of Architecture  in Tbilisi, graduating in 1969.  The same yare started to work at the State  Institute  of  projecting  as  on  architect, in 1990 hi  established his  own  office  in Tbilisi.  He had  something  of a  reputation  as  “bad boy”  of  contemporary  Georgian  Architecture.  In  many  respects, Gelashvili ,  author  of  Theater  of  Marjanishvili in  Tbilisi  (competition  entry, 1979),  Institute of  Manuscripts  (1981),   Institute  of Physiology in Tbilisi  (1981-86),  village  Goltety, Georgia  (1988),  the Main  street in  Kutaisi,  Georgia  (1989),  the  Restoration and  Re-Planning of  the  Rustaveli  ave.  In  Tbilisi (1992),the  Restoration and  Re-Planning of  the  Hotel  “Astoria.  In  Tbilisi (1992),   the  Restoration and  Re-Planning of  the  square  Freedom  In  Tbilisi (1992),  is the most powerful   and  original Georgian  architect currently  working.  In 1993  he  had  to  move  to  Moscow  (Russia)  and
work   there.  In  Moscow  he  built  office-building  in  Sadovnicheskaya  street (1997) and designed  the  Business  Centre on Kievskaya  Square (1995), the  Restoration and  Re-Planning of  the  PRADO national  museum,  Madrid,  Spain.  (competition  entry 1995).  In  1999  he returned  in  Tbilisi.
He  is  the  Professor  of  the  Faculty  of  Architecture,  design  and  Urban  Planning  of Georgian  Technical   University  in  Tbilisi,  he  also  works  in  the  theory  of  architecture, design  and  painting.