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119048 Moscow
Trubetskaya str.
build. 12, premise II, II, I

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Sergey Skuratov — Founder, President, and creative director of “SERGEY SKURATOV ARCHITECTS”.
Professional experience: 39 years.
Member of the Union of Architects of Russia since 1988.
Member of the Moscow Union of Architects’ Board of Directors since 1998.
Member of CTBUH (Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat) of Canada and the USA.

Professor of the International Academy of Architecture (IAA) since 2014 .
Academician (Active Member) of the International Academy of Architecture (MAAM) since 2011.

Professor of the Moscow Advanced School of Architecture (MARCH) since 2012.
Professor of the Moscow Architectural Institute from 2000 to 2004.

Twice winner of the “Grand Prix” at UNESCO and the International Academy of Architecture competitions.
Architect of the year at: Arch Moscow 2008, Urban Awards 2012.
Recipient of four gold and two silver diplomas at the International festival “Zodchestvo”.
Recipient of four “Golden Design” awards from the Union of Moscow Architects.

Laureate of numerous Russian and international competitions.
Awarded the V. I. Bazhenov Medal for architectural excellence in 2009 by the Russian Union of Architects.
Honorary builder of Moscow (1999).
Designer of more than 40 completed buildings and complexes.

September 30, 1955 — Born in Moscow.
1963­-1973 — Elementary through high school education (Moscow).
1967­­-1973 — Krasnopresnensky regional art school (Moscow).
1973­-­1979 — Moscow Architectural Institute (State Academy). Department of Residential and Public Buildings.
1979­-­1982 — Architect in Mark Bubnov’s studio within the B. S. Mezentsev Central Scientific-Research and Design Institute of Residential and Public Buildings.
1982­­-1986 — Freelance artist. Worked in the Decorative and Display Arts Workshop (KDOI), and at the Monument and Decorative Arts Workshop (KMDI).
1986-1988 — Head of a group of architects at the B. S. Mezentcev Central Scientific-Research and Design Institute of Residential and Public Buildings (Professor A. D. Larin’s team).
1988­­-1990 — Chief architect at the architectural and artistic bureau “Proekt” (Headed by E. Pozharsky).
1990­­-1995 — Chief architect at JV MDK “ARKSIM” with A. D. Larin, S. V. Grishin, E. V. Pozharsky.
1995­­-2002 — Chief project architect at “Sergey Kiselev and Partners”.
2002 – present — President of “Sergey Skuratov Architects”.
2014 – present – Professor of the International Academy of Architecture (IAA).
2015 – present – Academician of the International Academy of Architecture (IAA).

‘Garden quarters’ residential complex, 2006–2020.

Total area of the complex: 476 500 m² (overground: 266 600 m²) Maximum elevation: 59 m  The site is set on the urban axis going through Moscow State University — Luzhniki stadium — Cathedral of Christ the Saviour — Kremlin. In 18-19 cc, a manor and pools occupied this place, in 20th century — the “Kauchuk” factory […]

Residential complex on Novoalexeevskaya Street, 2012-2015.

Total area of the complex: 25 525 m² (overground: 14 875 m²) Maximum elevation: 63,7 m The object consists of two buildings, oriented by the axis, going through Pavla Korchagina str., and the square, formed by crossing of Novoalexeevskaya str., Malomoskovskaya str., 1st Rizhsky lane and others. The tower moves forward and creates an altitude dominant, fixing […]

Residential complex with underground public space in Moscow, Bratyev Fonchekno Street, 2018.

Total area of the complex: 133 653 m² (overground: 69 991 m²) Maximum elevation: 40 m Near the site an overpass is being constructed, also there is a railroad, and Victory Park from the opposite site. The quarter has a rigid structure, consisting of 5 towers, directed to the park and 3 section blocks, separating it […]

Multifunctional high-rise residential complex on Krasnopresnenskaya embankment, 2016 – present (under construction)

Total area of the complex: 228 618 m² (overground part area: 143 504 m²) Maximum elevation: 258,5 m All three towers are turned 15° from the North and are facing towards the Krysmky Val str. Being lower than the City, this complex creates a transitional scale from the City to the rest of Moscow. Shifting […]

Multifunctional high-rise residential complex in Moscow City, 2018

Project Holders Total area: 271 452 m² (overground: 256 610 m²) Maximum elevation: 403,9 m The lower part of the building is oriented parallel to 1st Krasnogvardeysky lane. It is equal trapeze in plan. The high-altitude part of the building is turned 4° to make optimal insolation apartments. One side façade continues 2nd Krasnogvardeysky driveway […]